Top 12 Popular Free Screen Recorder No Watermark 2020

Sometimes you want to make a presentation, online training video, instructional video and you want to share this video with your friends. But you don’t know how to record your screen with a free screen recorder no watermark. You don’t have to be pay anything for this software.

The best screen recorder software for pc is available in the market which has great features and functionalities. You can use the best free screen recording software without spending money. If you are looking for how to record screen for pc, I have the best solution for you.

You can record the high-quality video including voice and edit the video with the best free screen recorder windows 10 or mac. You don’t have to worry about removing the watermark. Because there are so many free screen recorder no watermark are available in the market.

According to features and your need you can choose any of these free screen recorders software for your useful work. So let’s get into it, what is the best screen recorder no watermark.

1. Windows 10 Game Bar:

Let’s see How it works. First, open any browser or app and press Window key+G from your keyboard.

Now you get this option to record your screen. You can also record your voice in this screen recording tool. After finishing recording, it will save in the file explorer of your computer.

This is very easy to use. You don’t need to install any software, if you want to record one browser.

2. Active Presenter:

ActivePresenter is the best free screen recorder where you can edit your video after finishing the recording. You can add animation, Special effect, zoom in, zoom out, and more. This is also available in the pro version, but the free version is enough for you.

This is the all in one screen recorder windows 10 and for macOS also to make a video on your pc without watermark and no time limit. ActivePresenter is the best screen recorder no watermark with all the necessary editing tools for recording and creating engaging videos.

Top Features:-

  • No watermark and no time limit
  • You can record your screen in crystal-clear quality
  • Built-in advanced audio and video editing tool
  • Adding animation and animation effect to your video
  • Import PowerPoint presentation directly
  • Design fully responsive and mobile-friendly elearning contents
  • Automatically align and distribute space for a group of object
  • You can use the best-designed theme and templates to easily create your project
  • Make a high-quality video with various text styles and shadow effect
  • Bullet and numbering style option is available
  • Image editing and text animation
  • Object grouping, object size, and position locking
  • Add icons and import any questions from the file
  • Attach resources to the project and allow the user to enter their review
  • Record screen with full-motion video, smart capture and webcam recording

There are so many options you can choose from this free screen recorder

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3. OBS Studio:

But if any beginner will first time open this software, he or she will be a little bit confused, because there is a lot of option to make your work better. When you know how to use it, it will be easier for you.

Top Features:-

  • High-performance real-time video or audio capturing and mixing
  • You can set up an unlimited number of scenes
  • Audio mixer with per-source filters such as noise gate, noise suppression and gain
  • Powerful and easy to use the configuration options
  • Streamline settings give you to tweak every aspect of your recording
  • Modular “Dock” UI allow you to rearrange the layout that you want
  • Create professional productions with their advanced features

You will get the endless possibilities and features with this best pc screen recorder tool.

4. Screencast-O-Matic:

This is the best free screen recorder for windows 10 and also available for Mac, Android and Chromebook. This is a fast and clear communication video creation solution for coaching, marketing, demos, training and more.

Top Features:-

  • Very fast, free, easy to use
  • You can edit your video with its incredible video editor which has a lot of option
  • Built-in stock library to enhance your videos
  • Quickly capture screenshots and mark with arrows, text, highlights and more.
  • You can host and share your content
  • Quicker and clear communication that you will love
  • Capture your screen, use a webcam and use narration to customize your video

5. Apowersoft:

If you are looking for the best screen recorder no download, this is the best option for you. This is one of the best free screen recorder no watermark available in the market

Steps to Record Video:-

Step 1:- Click the Start recording button to activate the online recording

Step 2:- Customize the recording mode and region, then start recording.

Step 3:- Save the video to the local disc or upload it to RecCloud, Youtube, etc

Top Features:-

  • Record screen with a button
  • Record all type of activities on your screen including a video stream, live chat and more
  • Export videos to MP4 and more
  • Quickly create a video for Tutorial, Lectures and funny video
  • Very flexible screen capture capacity
  • Add your webcam into the screen for creating instructional videos
  • Capture video and audio simultaneously
  • Edit screencast in real-time with lines, text, highlights
  • Make animation when recording
  • You can export your recorded videos to a wide range of formats
  • Save and share video easily
  • Store videos to local drive or upload video to RecCloud

6. FlashBack:

You can record your screen, webcam, sounds. Also, trim footage and enhance recordings with captions arrows and images. You can add commentary and music.

FlashBack has two types of programs:- Features of FlashBack Express:-

  • Record screen and sounds
  • Capture webcam
  • Add Commentary
  • No time limits and no watermarks
  • Save as an MP4 and more

FlashBack Express Pro version has more advanced option if you need it.

7. Free Cam:

Top Features:-

  • Start recording of your entire screen and selected area of your screen
  • Record your voice also
  • Record the sound of your programs and applications
  • Highlight your mouse cursor
  • For editing video, delete unnecessary parts
  • Remove background noise
  • You can adjust your audio
  • Share the video with a single click

Free Cam Pro version is also available if you need more advanced features.

8. Screenrec:

Screenrec is best for elearning, Designers, Developers, Sales, Project management and Business communications. This is the best pc screen recorder with instant sharing and private cloud storage.

Top Features:-

  • 1-click screen capture to start and stop the screen
  • No lagging and super light weight
  • Click to add comments and highlight the most important part
  • Get a sharing link that you can embed or save as MP4
  • You can control who has access for complete privacy
  • Check Analytics to see, who watch your video, when and how long
  • Tag files and add them to collections

9. TinyTake:

Easy to use interface, Increase the engagement, productivity and collaboration of your company.

Top Features:-

  • Capture screen images and videos
  • Annonate any images or videos from your local drive
  • Record videos and webcam capture
  • Save and share your capture
  • Directly upload video capture to youtube
  • Easily share any file from your local drive

10. NCH Software:

This is the best free screen recorder for Windows 10 where you can record your video from a webcam, recording device or screen. This is the powerful video recorder, you can easily record quality videos from your webcam, computer screen, network camera or external device.

3 Steps to Screen recording:-

  1. Select the recording source
  2. Select recording window
  3. Hit the record button

With this best free screen recorder you can do so many things very easily.This free version of Debut video capture software is available for non commercial use only.Debut is a great screen recorder without watermark for recording your screen, live video, streaming game and many more.

NCH Software is available for Mac OS, Windows 10, XP, vista, 7,8 and 8.1. It will work on 64 bit windows.

You can schedule your recording to record automatically any session when you are not there to press the record button.

Top Features:-

  • Record video as a MP4, avi and more
  • Record your webcam and capture from any source
  • Adjust color settings and add effects
  • Add caption to your video
  • Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera
  • Mouse cursor highlight option is available
  • Record audio from your microphone and speaker
  • Adjust the video resolution, size for capture
  • Use video overlay to record your screen and webcam
  • Time lapse video recording
  • Create photo snapshots of your video at any time
  • Edit your recorded video very easily
  • Flexible video output setting

11. ShareX:

Capture methods of ShareX:-

  • You can capture full screen
  • Scrolling capture
  • Text capture
  • Auto capture
  • Screen recording
  • Active monitor

What to do after capture task:-

  • Copy image to clipboard
  • Save thumbnail image to file
  • Show file in explorer
  • Upload image to host
  • You can print image
  • Add image effects
  • Open in image editor
  • Show before upload window

This is the best screen recorder windows 10 which also has so many options- Region capture, Upload method, Image uploader and more.

12. Streamlabs:

This is the best way to stream and connect with your audience

Top Features:-

  • Look Professional when you stream on youtube and facebook
  • Recognize your supporters live on stream with fully customisable alerts
  • 46 Apps are available to give you more control, automation and better analytics

Free Screen Recorder No Watermark — Conclusion

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